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About Blitz.

Blitz is a Rift, Planes of Telara Raiding guild on the Laethys server. We are an oceanic based guild and are focused on raiding. 

We currently clear HK in two nights, Thursday from 3am server time (PST) to 6am server time (PST) and Sunday from 2am server time (PST) to 6 am server time (PST).

HK raid on Sunday usually last only an hour, with the rest of the time spent on cleaning up old raid instances and/or raid rift farming.

We will be raiding on Monday from 3am server time (PST) to 6am server time (PST) once ID comes around.

Loot is mainly done via DKP, except for relics.

We are currently looking for the following:
- Rogue with melee DPS experience
- DPS warrior

Applicants should be sufficiently geared. They should have started on a water resist sigil, have enough hit/focus (360).

A death resist is highly recommended if your HP total is sub 6k raid buffed.


Blitz is also looking for people to fill up spots for our raids on non-HK nights.

Our non-HK nights schedule is tentatively as follow:

Sunday: GSB/ROS
Friday: ROTP

Time is from 3am server time (PST) to 6am server time (PST)

All classes are welcome for our off-night raids.
Guild News

Warboss Drak + 3 Minis Down

mangetsunojouou, Apr 22, 12 11:32 AM.


mangetsunojouou, Mar 5, 12 3:09 AM.

Placeholder until I get a decent screenshot.

Inwar Darktide

mangetsunojouou, Dec 14, 11 12:42 AM.
Is dead.

We also smacked some loot out of this guy.

xGashx, Nov 29, 11 8:20 AM.
Not all that hard of a fight at this point, Easy strat:

1. Give Hippyman some 'Busy work' killing crabs to keep him out of the way of real raiders.
2. Collect Loot.

Elevator boss unlocked!

xGashx, Nov 27, 11 8:05 PM.
So this finally happened. What a difference a full team makes!

All that practice plus a tweak to the tower phase strat and bang - dead grub.

Current Progression

Greenscale's Blight - 5/5 (Conq)
River of Souls - 4/4 (Conq)
Gilded Prophecy - 4/4 (Conq)
Drowned Halls - 4/4
Rise of the Phoenix - 4/4
Hammerknell - 11/11
Blitz is currently recruiting the following:
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